Strategy Simplified: Choosing a Channel

This article is part of Jeff’s regular newsletter read by executives. You can subscribe here. Nike vs. Disney vs. Taylor Swift I hate the fact that shows like Arrow and SHIELD aren’t available on the Canadian version of Netflix. And why aren’t my favorite Swedish bands on itunes? Selecting and managing channels for products and services […]


Top Tier Marketing Tactics On My Summer Vacation

Top Tier Marketing Tactics On My Summer Vacation How do businesses drive increasing levels of growth and revenue? A recent trip to Costa Rica demonstrated how by focusing on a few basic tactics. We were looking for fun activities and in short order came across El Santuario. They boast the longest zip lines in Costa […]


Is Your Reception Repelling?

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  • Aug 01, 2017
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I have my eyes checked every year to ensure I have maximum acuity for driving. I’ve been seeing Dr. Voss for years. During my last appointment I asked the receptionist, “You’ve been here a long time now, haven’t you?” “Yes,” she responded, “it’s not for the money.” Now, what do you make of that? It didn’t […]