Leading Change

“System implementations don’t fail at the technical level. They fail at the human level. Jeff ensures that does not happen and, in fact, helped us avoid additional costs and schedule delays.”

~ Gabriele Ehnes-Lilly, Enterprise Information Services
Cenovus Energy

Will they resist or rally? 

How will people respond to your change or strategy? We rarely get a roaring crowd of support. Your people’s reaction depends on a dizzying list of factors. 

You can learn to lead change effectively with an approach refined over more than 100 engagements. 

I’ve been helping leaders like you in every type of business master change and move faster towards achieving their goals through the power of employees committed to your cause.

End to End Support

From enterprise transformation and mergers to system implementations, I can provide as much or as little help as you need to deliver change successfully.

We appreciated the simplicity of the approach and real-life stories used to further our understanding of how to lead change. The fact that you tailored the material to match our culture and the issues we are facing was a major bonus and we have already begun to produce success with the strategies and tactics provided.

Duane Roach, Director, Legal Aid Alberta

Rapid Assessment And Design

  • JSC Rapid Impact Assessment
  • Develop strategic change narrative
  • Design the engagement plan

Enterprise Change Support

  • Advisory & tactical support for project teams
  • Advisory support for internal change leads
  • Method integration for PMO

Change Capacity Booster

  • Build change navigation skills
  • Establish enterprise change oversight
  • Develop resilience culture

Rapid Assessment And Design

JSC Rapid Impact Assessment

Tested and refined across over 100 projects and every major industry, use the Strategy Accelerator to assess your direction across 5 critical variables and predict potential resistance. Using the diagnostic, I can immediately identify how to strengthen your approach whether you are just developing your plan or preparing to go live with a change.

The JSC Rapid Impact Assessment provides a full set of tactical recommendations for reducing resistance and increasing the engagement of your stakeholders in any change.

Develop Strategic Change Narrative

To inspire change, we need to tell a good story. But what will resonate with the audience?

More than just communicating direction, a strong narrative evokes an emotional response to a desirable future. I will work with you to design a narrative that inspires your stakeholders while conveying your strategy and demonstrating how the listener will benefit. 

I will build a compelling narrative with you that includes:

  • The Spark
  • The Undeniable Truths
  • The Inevitable Conclusion
  • The Destination
  • The Invitation

Design The Engagement Plan

With your direction in hand, we develop a set of tasks that will help people understand and internalize what they need to do to help themselves and their peers be successful. 

Using proven tactics I will put together a program of communication, collaboration, skill development, and leadership by example that helps people move from fear and uncertainty to reassurance and engagement.

Enterprise Change Support

Need help putting the plan in place? From advisory support to hands-on leadership, I can help you do it right while also raising the skill level of you and your team.

Change Capacity Booster

Getting through one change is not enough. Change is continuous and people get tired. We all need help improving the way we approach it so it doesn’t drain our batteries. The good news is that resilience can be enhanced!

From education sessions for leaders and staff to culture audits and action planning, I can help you build a better battery for your organization.

I can help you ignite engagement and accelerate the realization of your strategy

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Three Types of Resistance

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Assessing Readiness: 50 Indicators

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