Jeff's first book on leading change is here!

Learn how to:

  • Define an inspiring end goal
  • Drive motivation with the right measurements – and keep your plan on track 
  • Predict resistance with two simple questions
  • Inspire buy-in with creative communications
  • Anticipate and remove barriers to boost adoption
  • Rapidly respond to shifting realities on the front line

12 Strategies for Leading Change

When it comes to rapid transformation, what’s the key to success?
A strategic change leadership plan. 
Wouldn’t it be nice if:
  • You could get a whole team or workforce moving in a new direction? Fast?
  • You knew what to do to inspire people to buy in?
  • You could predict where resistance is likely to occur?
YOU CAN! In short paragraphs with easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations, you can learn how to lead challenging change on a large scale. 
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