Leadership Development

You have goals but are not achieving them at the pace you expect. You want to excel, and for your team to excel, too. You want to be respected for the way you lead and accomplish results. 

I’ve worked alongside hundreds of leaders to help them attain major gains in effectiveness. Some have reclaimed 10 hours per week of productive time. What would you do with a week of extra time every month? How will you feel when employees are proactively resolving issues before you need to intervene?

“When we began working together we were a dysfunctional IT department mired in the past saying no to a lot of incoming requests and we’ve grown to a place where we can lead the organization forward. Jeff was able to raise my strategic view from my shoes to the horizon give me guidance that helped me to lead my team through dramatic change. In terms of productivity, I’ve recovered at least 10 hours a week to invest in strategy.”

Ken Kerr, CIO
The Salvation Army

Working Together

Development always begins with assessment. I will help you determine where to focus in order to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. 

  • One-on-one bespoke coaching tailored for your needs
  • Group development: We develop a series of learning and application sessions for your leadership team
  • 360 assessment: A systematic approach to gather input and get clarity on strengths and high priority development areas

We can work together on topics including:

  • Developing evergreen strategy 
  • Leading from a distance
  • Eliminating mediocrity
  • Goal-setting that moves people to action
  • Mastering meetings
  • Assessing team members and making retention decisions
  • Delivering feedback that drives higher performance
  • Communicating with impact
  • Leading change effectively
  • Understanding perspectives; managing conflict
  • …and more according to what you need

I can help you ignite engagement and accelerate the realization of your strategy

Our Resources

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