Why you need to buy someone a coconut today

Dreary. Boring. Incomprehensible. Inconvenient. Soul-sucking. Exasperating.
These are just a few of the words that are commonly used to describe big transformation programs when you are in the midst of the grind, when the battery is running low and a few people on the project are getting crusty about the whole affair. Everyone needs a recharge.
Typically, we run mini-celebration events to acknowledge the effort and create a bit of space for people to recharge. But the stress is never far away. It’s hard to relax when you know a host of complaints or bugs are waiting for you.
That’s when you need to send a coconut.
A few weeks ago I send my daughter a text while she was at work: “You should check your backpack.”

Yes, a brown hairy coconut had been deftly hidden under her books. The same one in the above picture. I texted right away to say he was a magic coconut named Reginald, but there was no further response…because she was parading around the office showing her colleagues that her “weird dad” had put a coconut in her backpack.

Everyone laughed! For a moment, there was no dreariness, boredom, or stress. A lowly coconut had cracked open a pocket of light. A big hollow fruit I bought for $1.28 had just helped recharge a team of ten. Great investment!

If you ask Alexia, this is not the first time I’ve purchased a strange gift to get a laugh. Something odd, unusual, completely out of left field. And a story that sticks in people’s minds. Remember the coconut??

At work I’ve seen people delighted by funky socks, giant chocolate bars dropped at their desks before work, and the delivery of fudgicles in summertime.

We all need a good laugh. A bit of distraction is a powerful energizer. When you need to refresh and motivate, try something completely different – send a coconut!

Thoughtfully yours,
Jeff Skipper