AI says “Shooting the Breeze” is Important for Productivity

In the spirit of resilience, I’m trying new things. Rytr is an artificial intelligence-powered app that claims to produce solid written material with a specific tone for your desired topic. I entered “socializing in meetings is important” and asked for a “convincing” post. Rytr produced this:

Socializing in meetings is important because it breaks down barriers. It makes people more comfortable and more willing to share their thoughts and ideas.

People who socialize have been shown to be more creative, collaborative, and productive. Employees who work in offices have been found to be three times as productive when they work alongside their coworkers.

Pretty decent for a bot! I will continue to write my own work, but this really illustrates how AI is becoming extremely practical and accessible.

The point: Socializing is harder with video conference, but it is important for overall productivity.

  • How do you create opportunities to socialize in virtual meetings?
  • How do you counterbalance the inherent advantage to those who head into the office for meetings, who socialize before and after meetings? 

Not everyone will return to the office. Managing the very real bias to gravitate towards those who are physically present for collaboration, advice, and special assignment must become a primary focus for leaders. 

Critical Tactics:

  1. In meetings, create space for personal sharing, from weekend plans to pet stories.
  2. Ensure everyone has a voice during critical decisions.
  3. Review assignments and evaluations – are remote workers getting their fair share of projects and accolades?
  4. Check in” with remote team members as much as with those in the office.

Bias has been an issue since the first leader emerged among the cavemen (cave people?). Hybrid work arrangements will make it even more prevalent. These are some of the unintended consequences of change. We can help!