The Single Biggest Motivator for Change

You know that feeling when you’re tired and upon arrival at the hotel the clerk says, “I’m sorry Mr. Skipper…”? Your heart drops. 

On a trip to Toronto I was checking in at The Grand only to hear this fateful phrase. My room was not available, but because of my status, “Would an upgrade to a loft be acceptable?”

Two floors of luxury! Space to lounge about, exercise, and work. Since then I always look for bigger rooms when traveling. Space makes you feel free. 

During change we need to demonstrate the benefits to our managers and frontline workers. One of my most popular resources is 51 Ways to Frame WIIFM – a comprehensive list of benefits you can use to explain the benefits of change. Categories include:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Development
  • Power / Voice

It struck me that these can all be summarized as the gift of space. Consider: 

  • Time provides space to think (strategically) and do more of what I love.
  • Development is space to learn and grow.
  • Money can buy physical space or freedom from purchase limitations.
  • Power enables me to create space for my ideas and objectives.

Would you accept an upgrade to your space? Of course! 

Restrictions and cramped conditions are unappealing. We all need room to breathe, to stretch, to move about. How is your program creating space for each person? It just might be the ticket to getting their attention.

Thoughtfully yours,