The one thing we all want

There’s a lot of shouting going on these days:

  • People are marching for #blacklivesmatter
  • Facebook employees are protesting Zuckerberg’s handling of Trump’s messages
  • Everyday citizens are calling out the pain of layoffs, broken businesses, and evaporating bank accounts

Even the call for silence to take a moment to reflect is a banner waved boldly across our collective skies. Do you know what all of this shouting is about? Being heard. 

Meaning is found in influencing others for the better. If we have no voice, we have no impact. When no one listens we stop bothering to say anything. When people become quest we should all be worried.

During the pandemic, Zappos told its customer service agents to allow calls about anything. You can order shoes or discuss ways to make your own toilet paper. It’s a smart strategy because when people are stressed they need to talk, and what better way to support community than by enabling conversation?

Being heard:

  • Validates our very real feelings
  • Enables camaraderie
  • Opens a bridge for sharing and gaining perspective
  • Creates trust

When was the last time you sat down for a coffee with your employees or a customer? Give them an extra gift today: just listen. Really listen. You might be surprised at the good it does you.