Kill Stupid Rules to Ratchet up Change Momentum

I’m working with a client to increase the pace of innovation, not just for a short-time run, but as a permanent part of their culture.

We are leveraging a plethora of tactics that work:

  • Setting the stage during onboarding
  • Teaching leaders the basics of rewarding the right behaviors
  • Shifting the metric system to drive accountability
  • Celebrating success early and often for every contribution, regardless of return

As part of our research, we reviewed a case study from Gartner about a company that implemented a program called “Kill the Stupid Rule.” They empowered individuals to suggest tasks, policies, and procedures that were a drain on the organization, that killed personal productivity. It worked – they eliminated a number of time-wasting activities they could live without.

But what’s more interesting is how the practice accelerated change by shifting mindset: “Employees now feel better equipped to question how and if specific processes add value, rather than simply accepting processes as is.”

Because I’m working on culture change, this practice is a perfect fit. Rather than focus on targeted, limited changes, we are enabling the organization to drive adaptation everywhere for the benefit of the organization’s mission and strategy.

We all tend to settle in and accept the status quo over time but there are many people who want to make things better. They have great ideas. Give them the power to kill a stupid rule!
Thoughtfully yours,
Jeff Skipper

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