Have you checked in lately?

I am so sick. My voice has dropped a couple of octaves and congestion has made it hard to sleep. As a consultant it’s hard to cancel meetings: It feels like a disservice to my clients. But of course, sometimes it is necessary.

Most people send you wishes for a speedy recovery, but what stands out is when someone checks in along the way.  I received a note from one of my customers late on Friday when I was off work: “How are you feeling?”

A short note that spoke volumes. I had crossed her mind during the regular course of her work. In a typical day full of back-to-back meetings with little time to grab lunch let alone take a bio break, she demonstrated that I was important enough to merit a check-in. It felt good.

When I run manager acceleration sessions, I illustrate that leaders have three critical roles:

  1. Running partner – The Coach who does the journey with the employee
  2. Cheerleader – The constant fan who motivates
  3. Flagbearer – The champion who has your back and ensures your voice is heard

When a leader cares enough to carve out extra time to check in – whatever the reason – they are investing time in the employee. They are a running partner and cheerleader. It demonstrates care. And when we know someone cares about us personally, our motivation to perform to their delight is heightened.

So, who ya gonna call?

Thoughtfully yours,
Jeff Skipper

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