Clean up after your project or kill your credibility

In most offices there yet remains a very old technology: the bulletin board. And I’m sure you, like me, have paused at the board noting which items are past their expiration date. Systems 2018! is a dead give away. 

I once found a poster asking people to prepare for a technology change that had been implemented two years before. I helped design the poster. Embarrassing!

What happens when you see an out of date notice or a leftover project mug? You might chuckle to yourself or ignore it and move along. The message is no longer relevant. Left in place, it’s continued presence can damage the credibility of the leader who didn’t clean up after their project. 

We see this everywhere these days. COVID warnings now defunct with mangled warning on shop doors. Easily ignored. Or worse, a blight on the appearance of the store. 

Take a look around. What old messages are past their prime and due to be removed? Make way for the messages that matter. 
Thoughtfully yours,
Jeff Skipper

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