How to Create a Network of Change Agents that Won’t Mutiny

When the tension is cranked up in movies, the favorite strategy of our heroes is to split up when entering a scary situation. Bad move!

Organizational change can be a scary situation for leaders. Don’t go in alone! Take the SWAT team approach and build a strong supporting team. You need a network of change agents!

Recently I connected with the editor of the Enterprisers Project (run by Red Hat) and they requested a guest article on change agent networks. I had a lot to say, but rather than chop my text, they split it into two parts. Here is the first installment…


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Jeff Skipper
Jeff Skipper is an expert in accelerating change. Clients such as Shell, Goldman Sachs and The Salvation Army have engaged him to achieve dramatic results during strategic transformation by wrapping complex change in motivating mission. He has been quoted in Fast Company, Forbes and HP’s enterprise.nxt. Jeff holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and is a Certified Change Management Professional.