Consulting & Problem Solving

If you have a particular objective or strategy that you would like to get done faster, I can help. 

25 years of consulting with organizations in nearly every industry is available to provide innovative ideas and solutions for you.

I’ve helped clients:

  • Facilitate development of vision and mission statements
  • Determine the root cause of employee unrest
  • Foster collaboration between groups
  • Determine measures of success (KPIs)
  • Revise performance management approaches
  • Develop learning paths that drive integration and growth for new hires and future leaders
  • Analyze processes to find efficiencies

We can begin with a short conversation to determine what you need and how I can assist you.

I can help you ignite engagement and accelerate the realization of your strategy

Our Resources

Three Types of Resistance

Three Types of Resistance

Resistance comes in many forms. This article describes how to determine where people land on the resistance continuum and how to move them toward adoption.
Assessing Readiness: 50 Indicators

Assessing Readiness: 50 Indicators

Wouldn’t it be great if someone collected all the best questions you should ask to assess whether people are ready to embrace change? Well, I did!
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