How to recharge your soul

I’m sitting at Gate D21 of the Las Vegas airport waiting to board. Motion catches my eye – a person emerging from a recently landed flight is waving vigorously at the person beside me. He gets up and waving back hurries to embrace his friend. Massive grins ensue.

I look around. Everyone else is fixed on the scene, too. We all want to share in that joy…and we do just by witnessing it. I love these moments – they restore my faith in the ability of humankind to be good to one another. Don’t we all need that?

What does this have to do with change and strategy? EVERYTHING!

Change is tiring and frustrating at times. There is so much evidence of people getting burned out at work. We are weighed down by constant bad news. We need a break at exactly the time we can’t afford one. 

But you can help them recharge their batteries, renew their energy, and find a sense of purpose. Kick off the next meeting with a stirring story, a funny video, or an image from an airport

What’s your source of genuine joy? Find a smile and recharge your soul. 

Thoughtfully yours, 
Jeff Skipper

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