“Jeff Skipper presented to my CEO group and delivered valuable content in a very participative format. His subject matter knowledge of the change process in an organization is extremely strong and backed with first-hand experience. The group work brought everything together into actionable steps, no matter your change situation.”

Tim Kist, CM, Certified MacKay CEO Forums Chair

Jeff is a recognized speaker in supercharged leadership, strategy and change mastery drawing from 25 years’ experience to provide insights and practical approaches that dramatically improve personal and organizational performance.


At the outset of his career he delivered an unprecedented 200 speeches in a single year on topics ranging from addictions to raising teenagers. Twenty-five years into an incredible career he has become a leader among change leaders. Professionals worldwide have called upon Jeff’s insights and applications when it comes to executing strategy and transforming the way businesses engage their people and customers. Top ranking clients who have requested his help include IBM, AT&T, BP, Shell and Bayer. Jeff was part of the team facilitating the merger that made Suncor the largest Canadian integrated energy company. His corporate experience includes tenures with Whirlpool, WestJet Airlines, the National Bank of Canada and Goldman Sachs. Leaders who work with Jeff reclaim up to 40 hours every month to invest in personal and professional goals.


Jeff holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and is a Certified Change Management Professional.

“One of the most engaging speakers I’ve met!”

~ President, SAIT Management Society & Host of Leaders in Motion

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“Jeff is a dynamic and informative speaker. We were pleased he took the time to get to know our organization prior to delivery so it would fit with our needs.”

Rhoni Whyard – Hemmera, an Ausenco Company


Why do people do everything in their power to avoid making difficult changes? Why do some jump in with both feet? Why are some leaders more successful at guiding people through change? It’s not charisma. Navigating change is a partnership between employees and leaders. The good news is that there are proven steps you can take to predict the response to change and help people embrace it successfully. In this session you will learn:

  • How to interpret common reactions to strategic change and recognize resistance factors
  • A simple method to gauge perceptions, assess impact and determining how much support to provide when rolling out a change
  • How to apply a 5-Point Early Warning System to predict employee responses and select tactics for address potential issues in advance
  • Tactics that successful leaders apply to build anticipation and reframe negative perception to positive engagement

Strategy is not meant to be wallpaper. In turbulent times it needs continual attention to adapt to changing conditions and emerging opportunities. But no one wants to feel like strategy is ‘never done’. We need a target to aim at even while adjusting it as needed. In this fascinating talk you will learn:

  • Signals that your strategy needs to be refreshed
  • 5 inputs that will help disrupt a stagnant strategy and ensure ongoing relevance
  • A process for rapidly renewing your strategy with your leadership team

Your company has a strategy, but how do you convert that to action at every level of the organization? Getting everyone moving in the same direction is challenging in every organization, but it is doable with a considerate approach. In this session you will learn:

  • Barriers to strategy execution that are often missed
  • 5 ‘zones’ of influence you can leverage to ensure your execution will be well received and put into action (translate)
  • How to measure and predict the likelihood of your strategy’s adoption and success
  • How to communicate for action

Is it possible to demonstrate care for employees while also expecting high performance and demonstrable results? Can a leader be a peer as well as a demanding boss? Studying leader behaviors at Google, Amazon, and Starbucks demonstrates that the way leaders ruthlessly (in a thoughtful way) manage their time, energy and resources drives their success. The same applies to you!

  • Become Thoughtfully Ruthless by focusing your time and energy by implementing fundamental approaches to managing your most precious resources.
  • Learn what it means to balance thoughtful and ruthless approaches to leadership.
  • Demonstrate why it’s not enough to be brilliant, but to be brilliant at demonstrating your brilliance.
  • Claw back significant time to create space for planning the future.
  • Create your leapfrog organization to kickstart long term change.

“The webinar today exceeded my imagination. The sheer amount of horsepower behind your wealth of experience was impressive.”

Adekoya Taiwo – Senior Change Management Consultant, Shared Services Canada & Royal Black Consulting

Jeff has spoken for:

  • ATB
  • Nestle
  • IBM
  • The Salvation Army
  • Association of Change Management Professionals
  • Petroleum Services Association of Canada
  • Strategic Capability Network
  • Suncor Energy
  • The Canadian Institute
  • American Society for Quality
  • The Institute for Performance and Learning
  • International Institute of Business Analysis
  • Canadian Credit Union Association
  • Mentor Summit (alanweiss.com)

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