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How to Resolve the Toughest Resistance

Look at the smiling people protesting the vaccine. Wait a minute! See their smiles? Ah yes…no masks either. Every day we make decisions based on a mix of facts and faith There is no way we can verify every claim ourselves. Is cholesterol good or bad? Is kale healthy or a hoax played by vegan
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Feb 03, 2021

4 Ways to Reenergize

Feeling a little sluggish? You’re not alone. Amidst various claims that the productivity of remote workers is down, I think we can blame the mood of the nation over our collective work ethic. Lockdown sucks. As you know, I keep my eyes out for great content to share with you. And while I typically write
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Jan 26, 2021

Without a Change Architect you are throwing away cash

Every year we have a never-ending stream of software updates, system replacements, policy updates, process improvements, new products or services, regulatory changes…and more. 2021 will increase the pace, guaranteed. Every day our inboxes are force-fed a deluge of announcements, updates, and FYIs about what’s happening. The quality of most of that messaging is pretty bad. Do
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Jan 12, 2021

Does Your Strategy Smell? Check the Invisible Design

With 2021 around the corner and a vaccine on the way, this is the time to be thinking strategically about your next move. If you’re not, you are already behind. Assuming you’ve worked out the direction, there are other aspects you might want to consider. When I work with organizations to develop strategy or lay out
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Dec 17, 2020

Nestle Harnesses the Three H’s to Drive Change

Nestle has embarked on a very ambitious plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. It’s a massive goal for a company that will require the engagement of 500,000 farmers and 150,000 suppliers around the world. By 2050 the current executive team along with many employees and farmers will have retired. How do you get
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Dec 09, 2020