Earn goodwill with peas and queues

I’ve enjoyed a weeklong visit with my parents. They spoil me rotten and make me laugh in all the right ways. While my upbringing featured several wooden spoons broken over my backside (definitely deserved it!), there is no question I was “raised right.” 

And when raising my kids I’ve tried to instill the same values: respect, help others, and use good manners. 

Many of you will recognize the phrase “mind your p’s and q’s.” It’s like saying, mind your manners. I know people who never say please and rarely say thank you. They expect things. 

Guess what? As a leader, you have the right to expect things. But when we use manners, we communicate value. You are worth the extra words. Your opinion matters and therefore I’m willing to take the risk you will refuse, because I respect you as a fellow human being with opinions and a unique perspective.

Using manners also grants others a sense of control. While the power differential makes it unlikely you will say ‘no’ to my request, the fact that you have the option given by the use of ‘please’ instills a small sense of power.

And when you respond with ‘yes’, you are even more likely to perform the task well because you are not just doing what you’ve been told, but doing what you’ve chosen to do.

If you agree, please pass this on to others who could benefit. And tell my mother I was a good son today 😉  Thank you.

Thoughtfully yours,
Jeff Skipper