From strategy to team development and speaking engagements, Jeff can customize experiences to get the results you want.

Build Leader and Employee Change Capacity

The pace of change will not decrease. We must raise our capacity to embrace and harness our natural power to adapt. I work with clients to tailor and deliver workshops that raise the resilience level at every level of the organization, from CEO to PMO to frontline staff.

What I Do:

  • Educate leaders and employees about the process for rapid adaptation
  • Provide tools for assessing, leading and positioning change for maximum adoption
  • Break down the real reasons for resistance, and how to help employees reframe it
  • Identify techniques for building change capacity on a daily basis
  • Engage team members in action-focused conversations about how to build a change-positive culture

The Goal:

Armed with new perspectives, tools, and approaches, leaders and employees are equipped to positively support change at ever level.

“Jeff Skipper led us in a session on communications and helped us to think in new ways about how we communicate with others, and how we use our communications to reinforce key messages about our vision and what we are doing to achieve it.”

Paul Goodyear, Chief Financial Officer
The Salvation Army

Supercharge Your Leadership Team

Are you looking to raise the capabilities of a whole group of leaders? I run coaching for groups to address common issues and role-play solutions that will have your leaders working at a higher level immediately.

What I Do:

  • Conduct assessment to identify common gaps in leader effectiveness
  • Establish priorities for development
  • Construct a program of sessions to focus on key development points
  • Infuse experiential aspects to embed new behaviors
  • Run regular individual follow-ups to check on progress and tackle deeper issues

Sample Topics:

  • Open vs. closed door policy
  • Setting personal strategy
  • Identifying mediocrity
  • Ruthless time management
  • Responding to emotions
  • Establishing standards
  • Evaluating performance

“My experience with Jeff Skipper has been extremely positive. Jeff’s industry insights are like adding an additional “key man” to the management team. His points of view are welcome and help our company move forward on decisions that tend to get shelved. As a busy business owner, I would recommend Jeff Skipper to anyone looking to find focus and accountability with their business operations.”

Paul Barker, Managing Partner & Director of Group Development
Vision Financial Inc.

Jeff Consulting

Forge Your Strategy

Consider the power of having your entire team focused on the right target for the future. Vague goals and dated strategies won’t align and motivate your team to high performance. Develop a laser focus on the future you want and set the priorities to get there.

What I Do:

  • Reveal relevant trends critical to your industry
  • Guide envisioning of a future where you lead in your space
  • Evaluate corporate priorities to determine what will get you to winning fastest
  • Identify measures that indicate you are tracking for success
  • Inspire excitement in a shared vision

The Goal:

You will have a clear strategic goal and top priorities set. Depending on focus, we can also align individual performance targets, refine your short term action list, and frame the annual budget.

Speaking Engagements

Jeff speaks regularly on a variety of topics related to supercharged leadership, strategic thinking, and mastering change.

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