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3 Ways to Reduce Stress by Making Change Predictable. Drop an anchor!

When the hurricane is coming people look for a place that will weather the storm; A strong structure that will not be moved. Without something stable to hold on to, fear takes center stage. Your brain is tuned to notice change (bouncing balls, flying squirrels, etc.) to determine whether a change will be a threat.
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Sep 24, 2019

The Four Ways People Respond to Change

This post is one of Jeff’s regular submissions in the “Supercharge Change” series. Subscribe for free insights, tools, and videos here. The lights went out and then the screaming began! I was at the American Museum of Natural History, enjoying the exhibit on how rock ‘cathedrals’ are formed on the ocean floor. Checking the time, I
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Sep 03, 2019

Change never sleeps. When can I take a break?

I just completed a couple significant client projects and was in need of a rest. You know the feeling: Finding yourself staring out the window. A little slower to get in gear in the morning. Easily distracted. Perhaps you begin conducting master classes in procrastination. The World Health Organization recently formalized burnout as a clinical syndrome.
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Aug 26, 2019

Change can be as Volatile as the Stock Market. Here’s How to Ride the Waves

“Listen Jeff, investing is risky. There could be losses along the way. But what you need to know is that in the long run the market always goes up.” I’ve never forgotten that nugget of wisdom from my first financial advisor, Gerry. He ensured I understood that the journey to retirement could be very bumpy. I was
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Aug 12, 2019

How to Create a Network of Change Agents that Won’t Mutiny

When the tension is cranked up in movies, the favorite strategy of our heroes is to split up when entering a scary situation. Bad move! Organizational change can be a scary situation for leaders. Don’t go in alone! Take the SWAT team approach and build a strong supporting team. You need a network of change
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Jul 29, 2019