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VISION: Driving dedication while avoiding WeWork’s Disaster

While in Australia I visited a WeWork location to meet a client. It was more than beautiful – you really felt like a pat of something very ‘on trend’ in the open workspace, with room for private meetings and a schedule for the barber’s visit posted next to the coffee bar. Founder Adam Neumann was
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Dec 03, 2019

Even Change Experts Worry: Managing My Own Reactions to Change

I’m in Asia to meet with a small international group of top entrepreneurs. It’s fabulous!! Having never been here before, as the date for departure got closer, nerves began creeping in. Why? As an expert, shouldn’t I be immune to the effects of change? When I assess the impact of change on stakeholders, I ask
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Nov 12, 2019

Kick-off rocked but now nothing is happening. 5 hot clues to unlock energy for change.

“You can not learn this on the job! Training is mandatory.” And yet, we witnessed a disturbingly low enrollment rate. Without a critical mass of well-trained users, there was no way Enbridge would see a return on a multi-million dollar technology transformation investment. Why weren’t they signing up? Here are the major suspects when people are
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Oct 29, 2019

Why saying “Calm Down” is the worst thing you can do

Let’s count. When faced with an angry or emotional individual, when has it helped to say, “Calm down.”? Have you finished counting? I predict your answer is approximately ZERO. It’s such a common response to anger, frustration, and sadness, yet has absolutely no benefit. Why? Emotional responses serve both a cathartic and communicative purpose. They are an
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Oct 22, 2019

Cookies for change (or, Easy ways to help people move towards a goal)

Sometimes cookies are the solution. At a recent family get together Theresa was talking about her study habits as she prepared for medical exams. “It’s hard to say focused. Sometimes I put a cookie in the textbook every 10 pages. No cookie until I finish studying each part!” Certain activities excite and awaken our passions
  • by Jeff Skipper
  • Oct 15, 2019