Jeff can help you achieve the breakthrough results you want – that you deserve – in several ways.

Jeff Consulting

Forge Your Strategy

Consider the power of having your entire team focused on the right target for the future. Vague goals and dated strategies won’t align and motivate your team to high performance. Develop a laser focus on the future you want and set the priorities to get there.

What I do:

  • Reveal relevant trends critical to your industry
  • Guide envisioning of a future where you lead in your space
  • Evaluate corporate priorities to determine what will get you to winning fastest
  • Identify measures that indicate you are tracking for success
  • Inspire excitement in a shared vision

The Goal:

You will have a clear strategic goal and top priorities set. Depending on focus, we can also align individual performance targets, refine your short term action list, and frame the annual budget.

Jeff Speaking

Master Your Change

People are the biggest enabler and risk to getting the results you want. When change is managed poorly, costs escalate and resistance derails returns.

What I do:

  • Clarify what success means for you, your company, and your people
  • Analyze your transformation plan to determine impacts
  • Apply the Strategy Accelerator to assess likely points of resistance and identify levers to drive higher levels of buy-in and support
  • Craft a plan and advise on communication to enhance buy-in
  • Coach executives on approaches for engaging employees positively in the change
  • Measure readiness and advise leadership on go-live preparedness
  • Embed new behaviours in the fabric of the organization

The Goal:

Applying expert change management reduces time, energy and dollars spent trying to overcome resistance. I’ve witnessed how leadership in change avoids costs as high as $2 billion.

Jeff Consulting

Supercharge Your Leadership

You know you could and should be working at a higher level, commanding a stronger reputation, but are not sure how to get there.

What I do:

  • Assess strengths and confirm development areas
  • Set career and personal growth objectives
  • Enhance use of time and recover up to 40 hours a month
  • Evaluate your inner circle and devise a plan to improve it
  • Check energy levels to identify levers for re-energizing
  • Provide strategies for enhancing reputation
  • Give guidance on managing people issues and motivating higher performance
  • Provide counsel for managing upwards

The Goal:

This is 100% focused on catapulting you into a higher tier of executive performance.

Jeff speaking


Get the help you need exactly where you need it.

What I do:

  • Find innovative ways to communicate effectively
  • Guide responses to resourcing challenges
  • Identify critical job skills needed now and in the future
  • Assess team performance
  • Build measures that truly inform progress
  • Measure employee engagement and cultural health
  • Select special committee members to set groups up for success
  • Help boards get focused at the right level and work through issues efficiently

The Goal:

Consulting work helps you get traction on goals where you lack time, people, or want to build up skills and capacity.

Advisory Work

Think of the power of having an expert just a phone call away. Jeff is your secret weapon providing 25 years of experience advising executives on issues from the everyday to the extraordinary.

What I do:

Help you:

  • Take back control of wayward meetings – even the ones you’re not running
  • Influence peers in the direction you want to go
  • Respond to bad employee behavior
  • Apply tactics for managing your reputation and managing upwards
  • Recognize minor and major successes with maximum impact
  • Tackle passive aggressive behavior
  • Master performance reviews and ask for salary increases

The Goal

Provides the assurance that when you say “let me give that some thought” or are facing a tough situation, you have a ‘just-when-you-need-it’ resource ready and able to help you respond with the right approach.

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